Trailer for the upcoming Disney Ireland/Buena Vista production, Brendan and the Secret of the Kells. Looks pretty awesome... I love the designs and animation!

Board Revisions


For the leica: clean board revisions. I'm splitting them up here by sequence so hopefully that'll make things a little less confusing. I didn't tone them, I don't know if that's an issue but I hope not. Let me know.

Seq 1
Seq 2
Seq 3

For your workbooking pleasure


Storyboards from last semester, - right click and save as to download, you know the drill. It's a .pdf.



Panting from exertion


What I have done for the replacement for the end of the memory change. I think it could use a more broad action for the actual memory screening, but I guess at this stage that's more of a workbook decision. First two panels are just different options. Thought I'd show you all on here since I didn't print them out for the meetings.

Jump, match, and cuts on an action


Just so there's no confusion on the matter -

Match cut: Joining two different-sized shots of the same scene (like a medium shot and a close-up) to create the illusion of continuity.
Action match cut: Type of match cut made on a movement. The movement “flows” across the cut, maintaining direction and speed.
Jump cut: Usually signals that time has elapsed or something has been omitted from scene.
Found here.

A shot transition that omits parts of an event, as if had ellipses (…) in plot
· Also a cut with too-similar framing
· Or with straight angle but different people (they look like they morph!)
It’s what you would do if you had no training in editing and just cut pieces of a story together
· It usually looks like a mistake!
· This is what iTunes does when it summarizes a game into 10 min!
· In the sixties, there was a wave of it
To avoid
· Zoom instead of cut
· Make the framing more different
· Use the match techniques

And most importantly, a good example of what a match - or invisible - cut actually looks like when it is working.

Please be sure to watch, it is short.

... but there is always time for Five Minute Film School.

Heaven Sequence


sequence specific tests


Played around with using red when Ms. Ecks is yelling at the kid in the class... Thinking this would be a great opportunity to really screw with the layout in this shot (which I didn't do with my scratchy little wacom scribble - I'll do some on paper later on!).

Action Analysis for Ms. Ecks


Smoking - Zelie
Trying to fly - Michelle
3/4 walk cycle - Cristian
Profile walk cycle - Angela
Take (from laughing to horrified) - Hernando
Laughing - Sheng-Han
Beating up a kid - Henry
Dialogue - Melanie
Expression Change (making a realization) - Alex
Dancing - Amber

An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth


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