Leica 7


The timming of the poses is a bit rough, and don't look at the panel numbers because they don't match, only the scenes.

Calling all workbooks


Any and all workbooks that you are still waiting on to do your scenes:

As you all will know if you were in class or spoke to anyone - workbooks were to be handed in to Mark on the server, in his handins.
Check the group folder in /workbook for new uploads.
If your workbooks are not there, just do them yourself. As discussed, all rough L/O should really be completed by this Monday. Don't be surprised if the group asks for changes! The film is getting plus-ed like crazy from all this work we've done on it.
Remember, if the group doesn't see the work, then you didn't do it! End of story.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday!

Twice more, with feeling


Angela's a bit better at this than I am, my colours are kind of scary.

Version: Amber


Suggesting with images rather than words.
Maybe it's the kid colours or the wall or both, I can't say for sure.





some keys~
i'm still trucking on these guys!! still tweaking some colors here and there... i'll post the latest version as soon as i'm done up on the server... and on the blog too of course. amber is helping~ (i hope) so that'll be huuuge in getting things done faster!

if there's something you don't like, as y'all know, i'm open!

Judge Final Pack Touchups


Well here are the touch-ups based on what was suggested on Thursday. Some angles are still problematic but it seems to be working pretty well overall.

Folder labels!


Here's the template! I scanned in the page of the book that explains the thing in detail - it's from Animation Background Layout: From Student to Professional. I highly recommend it to everyone, it's the most useful book out there for tricky layout stuff such as labeling and all that technical crap. It might be out of print though, so if you decide you'd like to buy it, you could try through Mike's site. However, you should probably e-mail him before you buy anything because the site may be out of date - his address still says he's in Miramichi, but he moved back to Toronto a while back.

I'll still have my copy at school though.

Oh! In case it wasn't clear. You fill the label out, and tape it to your scene folder, on the right hand side. On the left hand side of the folder, you paste that scene's storyboard panels. I could do a whole other post about how the inside is organized, but I think that can be covered in the studio - I'll paste some sheets up on the wall!

These two documents will be up on the server on Monday morning!



Anyone who hasn't uploaded their workbooks to the server, please do so ASAP - we noticed today that there's still quite a few of them missing on there and people need them to start their scene packages.

As a side note, do we have an estimated head count for people who will be coming in on Monday?



data sheets mk 2


First 3 sheets are just typed version of the data sheet we had before with names writen on it. The last 3 sheets are what you are more interested in. They have total score points from all your scenes and time. please check to see if all your scenes are there, if not just tell me what to fix when you see me. Or if you dont understand what those stupid boxes table looking thing is about just ask.
Also, if you are wondering if you enough layout points, the minimum according to these tables is 7 points. go nuts, knock yourself out.

revised judge chair


made some minor change to the shape and add the balance design from Zélie 's work book



texture or no texture on beard?


revisions for the eternal court and waiting room

bg painting tracking plan


step 1:
CLICK & FILL - picking from a color palette for each scene it is absolutely imperative that there be NO WHITE DOTS. there are ways to check this quite easily - which involves making a new layer underneath and click filling it BLACK then doing a quick zoom in all over.
HAND IN FOLDER: CF_Scene#_Shot#of#_yourname

step 2:
TEXTURE & TONES (if needed) - i will figure out (with help from cristian hopefully!) a way to upload some custom brushes (texture and size) specifically for certain scenes and environments
HAND IN FOLDER: TT_Scene#_Shot#of#_yourname

step 3:
FINAL LINE - this will be in another custom brush (texture and size) and will just be a matter of free handing (carefully) over certain elements of the environment (a bit tedious, but it's a nice look!)
HAND IN FOLDER: FL_Scene#_Shot#of#_yourname

*folders will be created once we get to that point which will all be in a created folder called BG_PAINTING*

anyway, none of this is written in stone, everything is debatable, and if anyone has any other suggestions, please comment! i'm open!
also, i'm still not sure if you guys want to do this in teams, or everyone does everything. i know everyone probably wants to do a little bit of everything, but personally, for production's sake, it just might be a lot more organized and faster (which might be crucial) as well as end up with a more unified look, if we do this in teams. again, this is just my opinion, but i'm open to other production suggestions.

Logo Design Sketch


Kept them loose and cartoon-y. Simple text logo sketches done by hand. Was working on more, but I feel one of these two would be best suited for us as a group.

Basic Title Design


Rough mock-up for title/correction. I like the typewriter vs marker, though the marker should be messier. Used a default marker brush in Painter. I feel it's important to be able to read both the original text and the correction clearly.

Production Chart WIP


It's not completed, but I figure not everybody has this information right now and you should.
I haven't finished filling in the workbook column. Ideally would like to identify which scenes are masters, and which reuses refer to which masters. Probably in the notes section.
Hopefully this helps with your planning this weekend for what you will work on Monday.

color revised


I was asked to upload the pretty colours


My original image.
After suggestions from Angela.
...let's just do a film noir.

Ecks' chair, the toy cage, and extra mess elements are all missing.

Scene Complexity Analysis


some colors


i changed the design of the cage a bit... um.. i shrank the bars significantly, it just seems like creepier look, and the kids (and girl) behind can show up a lot better.

Desk Design


How about something more like this?

Leica 6


I couldn't change the flopping of Ms. Ecks before the flashbackas and the truck out after them, because I was working from the video, but I'll try to look for the images and fix that sometime this week.

Production Pipeline