Consider your audience!

Is this the same guy that... (Brian? Mark?) showed us in class?
I've been really good so far about refraining from spamming you guys with TED talks, but I love the way that this guy goes through understanding and expressing ideas through motion and logical solutions. He describes his work, at one point, as being 'as close as he can get to painting' and it made me happy.
The people who would watch a student animation would be people who have an appreciation of art, but not necessarily animators themselves. Maybe we can play off this somehow with the judgment device which reads memories? Anyway, it's nice to think of.


Mélanie Daigle said...

YES!!! Thank you for posting this! It totally is the guy that Brian showed us his stuff! I frikken love it - I especially liked the leaf walking, but it's not in the talk... I find there's an appealing duality in his work, they're machines, but yet they seem to have so much personality, yet it's all cycles, and predetermined, and... yeah. Thanks!

Hernando Bahamon said...

I told you machines wheren't that bad