Eternal court design

By popular request, a map. I'm thinking I'll just develop a map rather than a pretty picture for this one, seeing as it's a bit hard to get it all in one image. The projectionist as A center of gravity rather than THE, with one hole as the tunnel (towards the light at the end), and another vortex sucking clouds in, which makes sense seeing as it leads to the big cloud place. Same ground plane for both the ground and the sky, but it's distorted.
I think clouds would be nice in the eternal court because it would help establish atmospheric perspective and sense of orientation while still allowing us to have a "simple", "graphic" layout which doesn't follow world rules of the earth. Maybe the clouds should come from somewhere? Or not.
I think the curved ground plane also helps sell the idea of the eternal court as a "winter" element. We could have it not just in the colour scheme, but also as the idea of lumpy, snowy hills.
Top right corner has the general layout and spacing, only maybe the projectionist is smaller in relation to the pillars. Also, the judge should be able to see what the guy is projecting while at the same time not having the view blocked by the big guy's head. Are we having the physical projector in there as well, or is that part of the character design? Let's have some discussion here, people!

My WIP on the greyscale, and the general idea of the line I'm working from. I'm going for some twisty cloud streams into a black hole sort of suction in the sky there.

Show of hands... how many people would threaten my life if I developed on a grid like this?

Editing with my stream of thought, my brain is in the "on" position tonight.
Big projectionist guy on the downward slope, acting as like a... center of gravity, that pulls everything towards it.


Mélanie Daigle said...

As a concept, I think it's great, expecialy for describing the feeling we're after- but it's a bit scary from an animation standpoint! :p