Ecks stuff

So here's our stuff for Ms Ecks! Sorry for the late post, we only just found a way to get our stuff onto a computer.

I figured the name of the game with her was "Saggy". Everything on her hangs down heavily and depressingly. She's really not a spring chicken. I really liked the styles of Mélanie's drawings of her, so I tried to develop that a little more and just make it a little simpler.

I was really inspired by demo reels from Nocturna animators. They have really beautiful designs which animate well, but are still really simple. I noticed that part of what made these designs so pleasing to me was that they used very simple, but very interesting, shapes -- and few details to distract from that. I tried playing with that, keeping in mind this whole thing about sagging, and this is what I came up with.

I really like her head shape in this -- I think that integrating her jowls into the general shape of her head, rather than having them hang loose, would really simplify her general design. I'm not so thrilled with the bodies but they have the beginnings of the shape I was going for.

In this one I really like her body. The overall picture came out a bit too Swedish Masseuse ish, but I think with the head from the first batch of sketches it could be pretty good. I think making her look formidable, like she could really hurt the kids if she wanted, might be a good idea.

And here's Henry's stuff. I can't comment on it for him, but again, going with the idea of dumpiness and sagginess.

Sorry for the bad photos!