Here is the projectionist that I did. I kept it true to the original concept, but with a few changes. I also made him bigger so that the idea of him swallowing the old lady is not only believable, but its physically possible. Also I have made his bottom half out of stone as we discussed and he holds the people rather than them sitting in his lap. Works better I think design wise since his bottom half is stone, it gives the feeling that the people have no where to run and lastly he is already holding them so it will be good to animate when he eats the old lady since he already has her in his hand. Let me know if there are any suggestions. I also Just saw Michelle's idea for him in the beats and I think I might incorporate some of the ideas in him by tomorrow.


Amber Gail said...

When I was thinking of him as part of the floor I was imagining more of the grid going up, not stone. Do you think we could maybe work it so that the stone resembles draping cloth? I think that would be a nice marriage of those elements.

Cristian Camaroschi said...

ya for sure i liked that after I saw Micelle's drawing