scribbles & doodles

My new Ecks designs are looking pretty miserable... I like the whole creepy sexy attitude of Medusa's and Ursula's, and tried to get it in the second drawing. And did I mention the sagginess? Kids were a lot easier to stylize and simplify. Feels more like my element, haha.

I'm bringing in the Amid's Cartoon Modern book in tomorrow, I think a stylized/simplified look is one worth exploring at this point, and I personally feel I'll get a lot more down on paper with people to bounce ideas off of as I'm sketching. And feedback. I like feedback. See you then!


Zélie said...

The idea of Ms Ecks having that weird sexual vibe to her totally squicks me out, hahahaha oh god.

I love the kids! Nice facial styles. And the sad "madame?" girl is pretty awesome.