Story Beats - WIP

So here we are! I emailed some of you about this before-- I'm not sure how many drawings I was supposed to do per beat. Therefore, some of this is loosely boarded, but some of it is just the more important points of the beat illustrated.

The judge design I used was the one we've got up in the blog right now, so it may not be totally accurate.

Anyway, here goes.

Beat Five
"Nothing in the world is going to save her now that she is in the stand, and going into a panic, she wishes with all her might that she could change those memories. To the audience's surprise, a bad editing cut occurs on-screen, and new memory film footage made up of crude, childlike drawings replaces her true deeds, making it seem that Ms. X has been the most outstanding, child-loving teacher in the world."

Beat Six
"Amazed at such a virtuous woman, the judges without hesitation grant her the pass into heaven. Ms X can't believe her luck and she victoriously walks into heaven, having gotten rid of her burden. It won't be long, though, before she realizes that heaven is nothing but an enormous space, filled with happy little cherubs craving someone to play with."

...Don't have the last image because my mom's computer ate it. Anyway, so that's what I've got, forgive the terrible scans. Let me know what I should/should not be continuing onwards with.


Hernando Bahamon said...

I really like the second part, from when the projection starts, and I know that It's only suppose to be one drawing per beat, but I think in this case that works, because we need to make it clear to the audience what we mean by changing the memory

Hernando Bahamon said...

From beat six, I would keep the one where the judge is ringging the bell, the one where she in front of heaven's door, and the one with the million cherubs. I don't know what you guys think.

Amber Gail said...

Maybe condense the last three panels of beat five to be one image, like film negative. Just an idea. I think the two panels above that are good to have in too. For beat six I would develop the second, third, and sixth panels.
Great work!

Zélie said...

Thanks for the input guys :)

I think the condensing things into a film strip is a great idea, it's detailed while also being concise... plus it's not like our final story will have to match the beats, as long as they're representative of what's going on, right? So I'll do that and the two panels above it for beat five, and panels 2, 3, and 6 for beat six.