Teachers Album: a collection

No visuals, just some quirks and stories I remember of some of my elementary school teachers...

Kindergarten, Mme Marionde
Would make us draw the weather everyday but would yell at you if you drew the sun in the corner of the page or gave it rays because "it's not realistic". Good luck to you if you did both.
Would also make everyone who bought a 35¢ carton of milk drink it all. If you didn't, you could still go to recess, but you had to drink the disgustingly warm stuff once the bell rang. Every last drop.

Grade 1, Mme Stella
Lost it and cut off part of this one girl's bangs because she would have it in her mouth all the time.

Grade 2, Mme Hélène
Would make us say a prayer every morning. In a public school.

Grade 7, Mme Alfreda
Would sit on her desk during the morning announcements played on the intercom and cut her fingernails with these big scissors. You could see them flying everywhere.