Teachers Album: Various

And pictureless post, but here are some of my teachers that I remember being particularly terrible.

Grade 5, Mme Emard: I swear she's actually the woman we're talking about, but like 40 years younger. I'd started taking private art lessons and had just finished my first project. I was really proud of it (and like ... 9 years old) and brought it in to show people. I don't think I was bragging about it, but I was really happy with it so I guess I must have been showing a lot of people... After class she took me aside and told me that it was really basic and not that good, and that I should get off my high horse. Also she could barely draw.

Grade 4, M. Eveillard: He yelled a lot for no good reason. Once he told a kid he didn't like that they were exactly like Gaston. Another time in recess he refused to help a girl who was getting rocks thrown at her, because his yard duty shift was over.

Grade 5, Mr. Laughland: If people spoke one word during lunch time he would write their name on the board and make them stay inside with the lights off during recess. He was really bad-tempered in general.