aroun 44. i especially like how the trees "grow"

maybe something for when she "enters the court?"

kina cute but gross anD saD :S


Amber Gail said...

The first video is especially good, I like the extreme contrast silhouettes with bits of lost and found... uh, tonal information which describes the texture and the shape. I'm going to play with it. As for the trees growing, it reminds me very much of Sheng-han's development sketch for the area between the eternal court and heaven.

Second video is nice, what's the name for those sorts of shapes??? Where the outside is also the inside... not sure where we would show it. Our second sequence needs tightening anyway, maybe it can be worked in...

The shaky line in the third looks really nice with movement, on the held poses I find it really distracting.

The murder of crows looks GREAT there are is so much colour in the blacks and whites!

I'm personally not a fan of the last one.

eunzi kim said...

the first one with the trees growing.. anD the murDer of the crows are my favorites!!! if we can incluDe something like that.. it woulD be awesome sauce!! anD i agree with the last one. not as interesting. queen of crows is a lot better. i'm glaD u likeD these tho! =D