Edited sequence

Hey guys (mostly Story crew)! I was looking over my sequence and thought I'd check if I understood what has changed in it alright. I also made a few minor changes in the order of the panels, added re-uses, planed to change the composition of the vertical pan (available as a wider shot for sc 11 and we can use a smaller field size for the sc 14 re-use), and I think I cut one shot as a result - is this alrightBold with you guys? If not, I can make the original version as well. Lemme know?

*UPDATE* I also see a problem with the main judge using his hand to halt the projection in scene 5 - it defies the "puppet" logic that we're trying to establish in the scene. I'd rather draw him in a pensive pose instead, making his judgement. Any opposition to that?

*UPDATE NUMÉRO DEUX!* I feel a bit like a mom for saying this, but remember to use your own TV safe area (at least 90%, 80% and you should be more than safe - I forget exactly what the title safe area % is, but I know it's even less according to Mark, but I think I remember 70%...) when drawing your boards - it's not included on our group template!

*UPDATE the third* (I hope you're still reading) For continuity's sake, DOES THE MAIN JUDGE HAVE A GAVEL AT HIS CHAIR?? Or, you know, hammer space? You think Natalie's cool with hammer space?


Amber Gail said...

I'm not sure what happened with the javel, I remember my nasal whine saying "can't we just take it out?" and people calmly replying yes, that could be an option. It isn't used in the judging so she didn't like that it was brought in out of nowhere. Someone with more sway than myself on story - what happened there with the flashback sequence?

I have no opposition to "that".

In all seriousness... our own TV safe area? Are we marking that on now or just working with that in mind?

Safe area for text in 20% in as opposed to the regular 10%.

Mélanie Daigle said...

Regarding TV safe area, working with it in mind should be fine, but personally I need it there when I'm roughing it - taking it out at the clean stage. Whatever works for everyone, I guess?

And I'm also fine with taking the hammer thingy out.

Hernando Bahamon said...

Yeah, the hammer can go out, It was just put in there to say that a sound brings her back from her flashbacks

Hernando Bahamon said...

Yeah you can take that shot out, as long as you make it clear with the new version of the pan.

For the memory of the old lady I still think we should see the judge's reaction first, but leave it like you have it and we'll try out both options on the leica.

Michelle Moger said...

take out the hammer, i think there was only a couple of shots with it in anyway. the one shot to be wary of is Ms.X laughing. I'm pretty sure she is facing the wrong direction, but that's an easy fix, just something to keep in mind. The sequence looks good.

eunzi kim said...

i also agree with the taking out of the gavel =D

if it's something we REALLY need, it'll be in the second pass