Eternal Court Research and Roughs

First image is what I am proposing for the Eternal Court design. It has art deco design and architectural elements which will help identify it as being a courtroom. What you're seeing on the "floor" is a reflection.

Next two pages are research sketches with a few notes about what they might be used for. Mostly just included for the curious to see.

The jist of how I envision the projectionist and the additional columns being situated within the space. I prefer the round columns to the square ones. Columns would need to be treated as an overlay and the big guy needs a better way of being part of the floor which is not a bottom half of stone. Maybe his colour just blends right in to the floor and he has no reflection? Maybe with no bottom line to disconnect him?

Let me know your thoughts on whether this direction has any legs.


Cristian Camaroschi said...

I really like this......maybe just continue the pillars on the other side and when we put in the projectionist blur or saturate the ones behind him so that it reads clear. But very nice

Amber Gail said...

The pillars would be in a circle all the way around and the projectionist would be in his spot on the side there. It's roughed in on the bottom panel, not completed in the top (better) one.

Sheng-han Chang said...

These pillars are really nice. I like the reflection ideas.