Frankenstein-ing Designing

All of this was discussed and decided during a group meeting.

Ms. Ecks
◦ 3 heads tall (including neck as part of the head)
◦ Pear body shape
◦ Limbs go from larger to smaller
◦ Swirly-doos on elbows and knees
◦ Ankle boots and V neckline
◦ Hunchback
◦ Teensy hands and feet
◦ Small floppy boobs that fall around the middle of the character
◦ Small nose, large upper lip
◦ Has eyelids
◦ Large, thick eyebrows which extend past the edge of her face
◦ (undecided but proposed) Glasses that are the eyes
◦ (undecided but proposed) Bottom of ears poking out from under hair rather than earrings