Judge design

Just a design I did based on the funpack Judge. I'll still tweak some things like the top of the hair but i wanted to get some feedback before.


Amber Gail said...

It's very good! If the eyebrows and mouth were in a neutral position I feel it would be better for the model for this particular character, to see the base from which all the expression would be pushed from. As for hair detail and hair line, I say it would be good to more clearly define the shape and relation to the character. Have you researched judge wigs?

Some other questions to be addressed - is there a thumb under there or is it a four fingered character? We see him sitting down, so does he have pants? bottoms of his shows? I'll bring up more if I manage to think of any.

Hernando Bahamon said...

I like the direction

Cristian Camaroschi said...

I was thinking we dont see the thumb we only see the tips of his fingers in that position so the robe is kinda big on him. As for pants.....i dont think it matters nore will n e one bring that up if there is a robe to his feet i doubt any one will b like "is there pants under the robe?" And for thursday i will have him in a more expressive position.