Master Painting Possibilities

As far as paintings of JUST heaven go, I'm finding it nearly impossible to dig anything up. Got some ideas for angels (both adult and cherub) and angels in heaven.

Technically Cupid, but same ageless yet defined body type.
Pseudo-sexualized beautiful figure.
Obviously, with these first two - can't really parody/reproduce for our purposes because they have the wrong setting.
This is the piece I personally feel we should look towards as a group if we go in this direction.
More examples of hot men in clouds, not particularly heavenly though.
Not a great photo, but if you notice the angels holding up the pillars... I think that would work also.
Great inspiration for cherub babies.

And a couple images just for fun!! Nothing to do with preproduction for the film.
Mel's photo with the sweet, adorable nuns! We are sneaky.
Makes me laugh, especially since the arrow pointed north.
Maybe has a little bit to do with preproduction - a prison door which reminds me of the concept piece Hernando drew for Ecks' classroom.


Michelle Moger said...

I really like the roma_baroque01 image.