Possibility Spam

Done in nupastel and a cool grey colour burned layer added in Photoshop to help separate the dark areas from the lighter ones.

Done in nupastel and edited in Painter using the flat grainy stump blender and the smudge blender after being colour adjusted in Photoshop.

Same as above with Rainbow Ecks.

Same as above, with less colour.


eunzi kim said...

for some reason.. the top one to me is the most appealing. maybe the texture of it??

it gets less appealing as it goes on tho...

i think au natural works the best! =D

Mélanie Daigle said...

I agree that the gritty one has the most appeal, yet I like the second one, it really gives you that vibe of ambiguity and mysteriousness (?) of the Eternal Court we keep talking about. Great stuff Amber! :)