stuff stuff stuff

Blogger seems to be hating me today, it's taking an insane amount of time for my stuff to get uploaded... Just some very rough pen doodles for you guys, let me know what you think!

A page of girls. Tried to remember Angela's designs while I was doodling, didn't visually reference them though.

Crappy sketch of me thinking "does Ecks look like a pug in profile?". Kinda scary.

Ecks that I drew I forget when. Trying to make the old lady as opposite as possible (big round nose vs. small angular, round glasses vs. angular, no neck vs. yes neck, lips go in vs. lips go out... but as Adam's keeps telling me, I need to get to nailing down a distinct silhouette for her that does the same thing her face is doing now). And birds. Birds are fun.

You guys been to Hans Backer's blog today? I'm in LOVE with this lady. Love it love it love it. And this is just plain pretty. Kind of a nice palette for the Eternal Court maybe (including the white)? You tell me, colour retarded here, hahah!


Amber Gail said...

The center right one is adorable! She has good proportions and a nice pose. The dead center one makes me laugh though, maybe smaller eyes. In general I love them all.