Take that, gouache!

Not sure if it's the direction I'm really seeing for the film, mostly experimenting and dealing with my gouache issues! I used that Japanese acryla gouache stuff for colour, and India ink for the line stuff - one of those nib pens for the BG, and I went over it with a brush for Ecks.

Just finished watching Secrets of the Furious Five from the Kung Fu Panda DVD release today. Most of it is done in the flat style of the feature's opening sequence (but not animated by the Baxter studio), really inspiring stuff, gorgeous backgrounds and designs overall. Definitely something I'll try to keep in mind on my other pieces for Monday!


eunzi kim said...

i really really like where this is going!

personally, maybe not so bright anD happy looking? =D a little less saturateD, but Definitely like the color theme!

she's starting to look like nataly.. :S

Michelle Moger said...

She looks good in red. I agree with angela; less saturated.

Amber Gail said...

The blackboard looks nice, I think that might be something worth exploring more. The walls should be toned down to more of a neutral, some elements of saturated colour would be nice to keep. I feel she should stand out from the enviornment, so that she's part of it but doesn't belong. Just my 2 cents, for whatever that's worth.