Vinni Puh & something equally relevant

I love this, especially the treatment of the characters - animation and design wise. So much expression with so little. The voices frikken awesome. And I don't understand a word of it!

Little girl inspiration, because we'll need it soon enough! :)

Once upon a time... from Capucha on Vimeo.

Thanks Amber :)


Amber Gail said...

I could try to do a horrible translation for you (rain is falling???) but I found this which does a better job.
Piglet's house is unbelievable! Looks like gingerbread decoration.

eunzi kim said...


eunzi kim said...

and can that kid get any cuter?? LOVE THOSE LASHES!!!!
her rosy cheeks.. her huge doe eyes... her cute cherry lips, her chubby cheeks, HER AWESOME FRENCH!!!!
and the way she explains!!! omg so cuuuuuteeeeeeee

eunzi kim said...

HAHAH and the way she was searching for the word!!! hahahahaha omg soooooo cuteeeeeeeeee her furrowed brows!!!!!

Hernando Bahamon said...

Hahaha, the three are hilarious, Vinni puh, the little girl, and angelas exitement about the post