Well, she sure does have a butt

Starting by posting my sketches.
Giant blue lady on the right there had a fan. Apparently she's interesting! Red one is my favourite, to be frank.
Some giant floating heads I made to fit with the blue girl while trying to keep the visual interest.
Giant blue body with tiny red head.
Giant blue body with the thinner head from page 2.
And in light of the no-texture-no-colour-no-tone rule for tomorrow, the final one I'm proposing from me personally on this for tomorrow.
Unless someone convinces me otherwise.


Michelle Moger said...

I like the blue body and the red head combination the most. Though instead of a tiny red head I would make it bigger. I love her legs and how big her neck is.

eunzi kim said...

holy wow. did u reference nataly for this??? o_O!!!! hahahaha