bg painting tracking plan

step 1:
CLICK & FILL - picking from a color palette for each scene it is absolutely imperative that there be NO WHITE DOTS. there are ways to check this quite easily - which involves making a new layer underneath and click filling it BLACK then doing a quick zoom in all over.
HAND IN FOLDER: CF_Scene#_Shot#of#_yourname

step 2:
TEXTURE & TONES (if needed) - i will figure out (with help from cristian hopefully!) a way to upload some custom brushes (texture and size) specifically for certain scenes and environments
HAND IN FOLDER: TT_Scene#_Shot#of#_yourname

step 3:
FINAL LINE - this will be in another custom brush (texture and size) and will just be a matter of free handing (carefully) over certain elements of the environment (a bit tedious, but it's a nice look!)
HAND IN FOLDER: FL_Scene#_Shot#of#_yourname

*folders will be created once we get to that point which will all be in a created folder called BG_PAINTING*

anyway, none of this is written in stone, everything is debatable, and if anyone has any other suggestions, please comment! i'm open!
also, i'm still not sure if you guys want to do this in teams, or everyone does everything. i know everyone probably wants to do a little bit of everything, but personally, for production's sake, it just might be a lot more organized and faster (which might be crucial) as well as end up with a more unified look, if we do this in teams. again, this is just my opinion, but i'm open to other production suggestions.


Amber Gail said...

So organized~! I am impressed.

Teams is an interesting idea. Maybe do it like last semester - where there is a more compartmentalized responsibility for people, but always having the opportunity to help out wherever you feel you are able to. You're right about it being more organized and faster and I think it'll also help keep people's stress levels lower.