Folder labels!

Here's the template! I scanned in the page of the book that explains the thing in detail - it's from Animation Background Layout: From Student to Professional. I highly recommend it to everyone, it's the most useful book out there for tricky layout stuff such as labeling and all that technical crap. It might be out of print though, so if you decide you'd like to buy it, you could try through Mike's site. However, you should probably e-mail him before you buy anything because the site may be out of date - his address still says he's in Miramichi, but he moved back to Toronto a while back.

I'll still have my copy at school though.

Oh! In case it wasn't clear. You fill the label out, and tape it to your scene folder, on the right hand side. On the left hand side of the folder, you paste that scene's storyboard panels. I could do a whole other post about how the inside is organized, but I think that can be covered in the studio - I'll paste some sheets up on the wall!

These two documents will be up on the server on Monday morning!