some keys~
i'm still trucking on these guys!! still tweaking some colors here and there... i'll post the latest version as soon as i'm done up on the server... and on the blog too of course. amber is helping~ (i hope) so that'll be huuuge in getting things done faster!

if there's something you don't like, as y'all know, i'm open!


Amber Gail said...

I think the saturated side of the classroom could use some work. More tonal range maybe, or using a different col for the blackboard (if that's still what that is). Just suggestions~

The bright blue in the eternal court looks really nice in context of all the other shots. That's the lighting for when the screenings are going on? And the white of the beard for when it's not?

Hernando Bahamon said...

I would still make the classroom less gloomy to contrast better with the eternal court

eunzi kim said...

gotcha. thanks