Ecks Cleanup Tips & Reminders

1 - The top lip has that middle blob thing. I don't have the time to look the name up. But she has one. The pointy part of her upper lip is connected to the base of the nose with their construction, but don't completely connect the clean line to it.
2 - The nose is a 3 sided pyramid. NO NOSTRILS!
3 - The eyes/glasses are treated with the regular line weight - we all agreed it would be the easiest to keep it consistant. Two bags under the eyes, the line closest to the eye is the shortest.
4 - The eyebrows are treated like the hair. BUT make sure the two outer lines of each eyebrow are animated with care, mind your volumes. Fill the rest of the eyebrow shape with stray lines, just like the big hair strands. Any questions about this, don't be shy, I'm always around in the studio.
5 - The top of the head is flat, the hair part of her head starts at the 2/3rd mark. Her hair crosses on her forehead, it doesn't just meet at the center. Treated the same as the major hair strands.
6 - Ecks has 2 major hair strands on a 3/4 view. See design pack for other views.
7 - Ecks has a mole! On the left hand side of her neck, and coloured in with graphite. Try to make sure it doesn't float while animating.
8 - Her shoulders are covered by a short sleeve. It can be hinted at with a slight change of direction on the line. Remember that if you were to follow the line from her armpit down, it connects to the side of her boob.
9 - Her earrings are circular, but don't be afraid to treat them as ellipses if it helps to clear her face in an important shot if it was left as a circle, and especially during follow through.
10 - The line of the bottom of her face flows into her neck as a single line. Only add some overlap in there if Ecks is pulling her head into her shoulders in specific poses. Be careful with the chin, like the mole, that it doesn't float when animated. 
Her nails are also coloured in with graphite. Be careful about her hand proportions - her fingers should NEVER be longer than the plam of her hand.