Titles and credits

I feel we should have a real discussion about this, however brief.

End credits - how do we want to do this? Who would we like to thank? Are they really going to be as long in the final cut as they are right now?

I would like to design them to match the titles.

This is what I have done up for the titles today -


Mélanie Daigle said...

Personally I'd like the credits to be treated simply - not a 3 names per slide thing like we have now. It'd be nice if we could keep it to 2 or 3 slides, max. Kind of a la Gobelins? Kind of. Keeping it minimal, clean, organized. That way, you're not using so much time to cut from a slide to another, but you leave fewer slides on for longer. Makes it not feel like it goes on forever. And "the audience" (I fucking hate saying that) has more time to read them.

I like the chalkboard thing that's going on, it's the logical theme to use for the credits - I don't have much to suggest for that aspect of the credits!

Thanks for taking care of them Amber! :)