3 more days!

Keep it going guys! It's tight but between the ten of us we can do it.

If you find there is anything you need to do your work which you do not yet have WRITE IT DOWN immediately! SPEAK TO SOMEONE about it asap about it so we can make sure it is in your hands for you when are ready for it. Thinking ahead here is key! It is essential for you to LET OTHERS KNOW.

Three days means you have one each for scanning, colouring, and compositing - so if the clean animation for any of your scenes are not done yet you best be juggling the work! Get others to help you and offer to help others. If you find yourself sitting around please ask your group members if they are in need of your assistance.

Communication is important here guys, let's work smart. We can pull miracles out of our rears and amaze ourselves with how much we can do when it's down to the wire!

...not that anyone has time to check the blog right now, hah.