ecks in the classroom.

I am in pain.
her is my stuff.


Amber Gail said...

The general bendiness of her torso and how fluidly her head and limbs attach to it works well. I find it a bit peculiar that there is such a large curve in the fold of her arm, really seems to suggest huge bones. Make sure she's not about to flash the children please, haha.

Mélanie Daigle said...

I think this works great as far as "flatness" goes. Maybe next time try to explore a more angular approach? Especially with her hair, feet... Like these pointy edges she has to keep the children away.

Cristian Camaroschi said...

I actually really like the roundness and lack of jegged edges and such. Seems like it would be fun to animate and we can do some nice fluid animation as well.

eunzi kim said...

i will be as frank as possible about the design, but please dont' take it personally. just trying to say what's on my mind, and how i envision it. doesn't mean i want to enforce it. just my opinion. =D

her lines are awkward. in the sense that, it's an odd mesh of structure and "flatness" to this design.

i like where ur going with this, and trying. and i also know that you're used to drawing characters with a lot of volume and structure.

for the purpose of our film tho, i believe there are other ways of implementing structure without doing it with line - maybe more shapes? i like how there is a sense of fluidity with this, and some structure you're trying to go for, but i feel like she still doesn't have much of a spine. like.. she looks sort of looks jello-y?

overall tho, i like how ur trying out the design from the funpak, but for me personally, maybe u can push the design/style even more?

her shoes also have a "volume" - like structure which maybe u can do without the "volume" lines... maybe using perspective with flat lines more?? i'm not sure how i can explain this... without confusing/offending you too much. i'm sorry - no offence to your wonderful art. nice work tho =D

Zélie said...

I like that this is fluid. I think to make it look flatter you could probably eliminate the more form-defining internal lines (on her left arm, for instance).

Her dress is freakily short.

I think less-defined shapes for shoes would be better. Something pointier and flatter, I believe Angela mentioned that. Like bendy triangles.

I like the plain circles for earrings, with no attachment to anything -- a nice graphic detail.

Hernando Bahamon said...

Maybe add bit of straights against curves, to create variety in the form