Ms. Ecks Design

‧ Round earrings
‧ Smaller head in relation to body
‧ Thicker neck
‧ Nose looking less upturned/young
‧ Big glasses
‧ Pointy lips
‧ Doesn't take care of herself
‧ Extremely flexible mouth
‧ Replace follow through of jowels with chin area
‧ Neckline is a v-neck
‧ Boots are ankle boots
‧ Feet are tiny
‧ Swirly-doos on knees and elbows
‧ Belly bigger than it is right now
‧ Eyebrows and hair need to match in terms of treatment and messiness
‧ Hair flat across the top of the head
‧ Pear shape body OR with hump in the back
‧ Insinuate eye bag to be painted back as a darker area? One eye bag or three?
‧ Needs at least tentative clean up rotation and action pose

These are what I wrote down at the meeting, Mel probably has more. Putting this up for the curious and the absent, it's not something we are revisiting until after the break.