Rough Colour Keys

My first pass at colour keys.

Made from Angela's board.
Autumn colours.
Made from Sheng-han's board.
Winter colours.
Made from Henry's board.
Spring colours.
Made from Alex's board.
Summer colours.


eunzi kim said...

hm! nice!!!
i sort of like where classroom colors are heading.. maybe... simplify the colors a bit more?? almost monochromatic like? maybe even omittin gthe cooler tones... like cool grey to warm grey,,, or that cool skin color to a warmer one?? and maybe a slightly bleaker chair??

love the eternal court scheme.

i have major issues with ur heaven shceme!! hahahaha especially the ascent!!! hahahahahahah but yeah. we'll talk about that more as discuss colors in detail!

nice work tho!=D

Mélanie Daigle said...

Nice start, with only a few more boards from each location, it should be fairly simple to get a single colour script down. Of course, we would need the leica to be pretty close to locked down for it, and all agree on where our accents are. We're getting there!

Amber Gail said...

I have major issues with them too! All of them! Except for the projectionist, I like him. I always pictured him blue and I like his beard-y colours.

Amber Gail said...

To be more specific, I feel (in the classroom) the red should be on the floor, the cream should be on the back wall, the ugly current floor colour should disappear, the smoke needs contrast, the green of the back wall should be on her chair, and there should be some way we choose to use colour to show depth because the treatment of little girls a and b is just shoddy.

For the eternal court - layout adjustments aside - the screen disappears, Ms. Ecks disappears, additional pillars to make the circular shape would intersect with the projectionist rather than frame him and there is generally just no focus.

For the getting wings sequence I don't even know where to start. Needs less Easter and more drama.

Heaven should feel golden and the way to do that is to add more purple rather than that pinky brown-ness. In general I was trying to think light and fluffy. And light. And bright. And more light.