Scene 41 and 52 (almost finished)

Didn't bother uploading this one on Vimeo hahaha. Well here it is. I still want to do some touch ups, to the effects. Also there was a few problems matching it perfect due to my scanner that's smaller than the animation paper. However I must say I'm happy with how it turned out. Hope you feel the same. It was colored and made to the final thing with the effects and Post work in maybe 3hrs. So I feel confident about this compositing method. I will do a demo. Also for the colors I used Angela's examples but slightly tweaked to look good with the lighting and BG. Hope you like it.

I think it would look cool to close his eyes and then the lights slowly come on. I have some ideas for the both of them to make'em look better a bit but I'll do that in a little while because I need to get a few things before. Any way here are 2 scenes (even though they are almost the same stuff) put trough the pipeline.